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Inquire India is a hindi news portal which is a  24x7 updated website with all  latest news, Breaking news, national news , international news, and, etc. Every user has his/her own choices  of news they want to prefer. User can view their choice of news like wise. Our portal is having several categories like- sports news , entertainment news, national news, international news, politicalnews, and, etc.  Every news category is updated by our journalists every minute,every hour, every day . Our news portal also has a category of career which depicts all the news and information regarding the job openings, entrance of different jobs, opportunities in different fields and many more  which can really help many people to get a chance to be employed.  The other category of our news portal is Entertainment news, this category includes all the information regarding the stars, bollywood, Hollywood, movies, web series, T.V. serials and etc. The category of sports news include all the news regarding the sports all around the globe, it also includes the lifestyle of the sports players also .Our portal is also having economical news, in this category all the increases in the products  and decreases  in the products comes like- increase in price of petrol, decrease in price of vegetables  and, etc. our portal is also having a section for political news, which includes all the information about the elections, new governmental schemes, political parties, and, etc. Each and every category of news differs from each other and so are there content .  Our news portal is managed by our team of experts who are really talented in unearthing the information and changing it to news. Our portal has a variety of categories which are maintained by the category oriented journalists only . The different categories on our  portals carry the only subjected category information in it. Our journalists work for the development of the users. Our team of journalists are experts in fetching out the informative stories which can be turned into news stories. Every news story has its own category so the users can easily find the need of their story on our news portal easily.

The purpose of our news portal is to disseminate the information to the users effectively and timely. Our journalists  believes in delivering the news to the users using simpler words but in an effective manner. Inquire India is concerned in making the society developed and aware about the happenings all around the globe. Our news portal also helps the entrepreneurs by providing them a platform for promotions which helps  them to increase their marketing value globally. Our news portal is supported by our experts who are really good in web developing and designing which helps the entrepreneurs to have a well developed design for their advertisement. Our news portal comprises of news stories and advertisements. The news stories which are updated every minute is a way very useful to the users as it helps them to attain knowledge, information about the recent happenings of the society. The main motive of a journalist is to gather information and polish the information into news so that it can be delivered to the users which will initially for the welfare of the society. The purpose on which our news portal works for is development and awareness. Development can only be done if the people  knows about the happenings taking place in society. Inquire India works as a medium between the news and the masses   as we believe in delivering the updated information to the masses.  The society needs to know all the true facts and information about the surroundings, and it is our duty to make them aware about the information through our news portal. Our journalists work on our news portal every minute so that we can convey all the updated information  to the masses. The purpose on which on news portal focuses is the quality of disseminating the information or new to the masses so that the entire world can lead towards development. As awareness leads to development.  We believe in making the news stories bold- straight- true. Every story which we bring is based on true incidents which is unearth by our certified journalists.


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